Communicating effectively in a foreign language is often a question of subtleties. Tiny differences in language and culture may have a huge impact on how a conversation goes or how well a presentation is understood. Good interpreters are always thoroughly prepared and know how to adapt to various circumstances. They are neutral, appropriately assertive, and they always stay cool, calm and collected.

Jolanda Wesenbeek is a competent consecutive, liaison, simultaneous and whispering interpreter. She is a versatile asset for any discussion that needs to be clearly understood by all parties. Jolanda interprets at conferences, company presentations, business and cultural events, civil-law notaries, and on guided tours. She is adept at interpreting during negotiations, court cases, in health care settings and for NGOs. She interprets from and into Dutch and English and from German and Spanish into Dutch.

To ensure the best results, please forward any relevant documents to be discussed, details on speakers, and presentations prior to your meeting or event. Please also forward videos – if any – that may be subtitled or spoken in only one of the languages required. Naturally, all documents and other details will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Besides on-site interpretation she also offers online interpretation by means of various platforms. These may be interpretation platforms (Interprefy, Kudo) for participants to attend with one device, but also meeting platforms (Zoom, Teams, Skype) with or without an interpretation channel for participants to attend with two devices, or merely an audio connection in which attendants listen to the target language but do not participate actively (WhatsApp). Hybrid solutions are also an option.

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