Rates and Procedures

The rates shown below are an indication. They may vary depending on the assignment, location and subject matter. Prior to accepting an assignment, the rate and delivery time will be agreed on and confirmed by email. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Conference, Consecutive and Liaison interpretation:

  • Full-day fee: approx. EUR 600 / Half-day fee: approx. EUR 400;
  • Hourly fee: EUR 75 for a minimum of 1 hour. Depending on the assignment and location, we may charge travel expenses, travel time and preparation time;
  • Interpretation at civil-law notaries: EUR 200 for 1 hour meetings; this includes preparation time of the deeds to be executed, but excludes travel time and travel expenses.
  • Tour guide system available with 10 headsets for audience, price starts at EUR 75 and depends on duration of assignment and number of headsets required;
  • For conference assignments you will need to hire any equipment that requires technical support yourself, depending on the type of interpretation that best suits your needs – please check Interpretation Techniques for full details;
  • Feel free to call or send an email if you have any queries. Please provide the following details of your assignment: required interpretation technique – date – time/duration – location – subject matter – audience – equipment.


  • Translation is a custom service. We charge per word in the target language and the rate depends on the complexity of the assignment. Legal texts will be more expensive than ‘general’ texts. Average rates: EUR 0.15 – 0.20 per translated word (word count in target language);
  • Certified translations: price to be quoted after document assessment;
  • Revision/proofreading: EUR 40 per hour;
  • A minimum rate of EUR 40 per assignment applies. A surcharge applies to urgent jobs and evening/weekend/holiday work;
  • Feel free to call or send an email for a no-obligation quote. Please provide the following details: target/source language – word count – type of text, digital or in print – urgency – subject matter – audience.

Bilingo is a member of NGTV (Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators). The terms and conditions of NGTV apply to all services supplied by Bilingo. Please check Terms and Conditions for full details.

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